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2PM with Dogs (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Drunk Kang Donghee gets kicked in the butt by a hardcore 3PM fan for peeing on a 3PM poster lol

I went to my first kpop concert ever last Saturday and I was lucky enough to go with my cousins and sister. :) I will NEVER forget this experience, not that I’m going to let this event slip from my mind. I mean it’s only been 3 days and I’m already having major withdrawals. I’m in desperate need of another concert, preferably a 2PM solo! But honestly joint concerts are really fun even tho I don’t know some songs. I also feel like it’s easier to come across idols because securities can only do so much at a time! I MEAN I WAS LITERALLY 5 FEET AWAY FROM 2PM. I WAS HYPERVENTILATING ESPECIALLY WHEN TAEC CAME OUT. Maybe that’s too much of an exaggeration but I couldn’t think at all! I even forgot to take pictures of him, how lame right since he’s my bias and all. I forgot to mention I was in the front behind the gates! This was like behind the stage/coliseum. Ok but continuing my taec story, TAEC KISSED A FANS OKCAT DOLL I SHOULDVE BROUGHT MINE I CANT NOT FORGET THAT. Junho waved at us. He was so fab & Minjun too, Swaggie. I DIDNT SEE CHANSUNG. I think he was walking behind taec. I was hyperventilating so I didn’t take notice. Since I was flipping out, this girl next to me was all like Oh I’ll send you pictures! God bless her fucking soul. I love her. S/O to my home girl Anna.
Nichkhun was really quiet but everyone screamed for him. The audience was really wooyoung and nichkhun biased. Everyone was screaming for taec only because he kept asking the crowd to scream. He hella brain farted when he was emceeing hahaha. It was so cute. HES SUCH A DORK. He was asking the audience who they wanted to see the most and I screamed 2PM before anyone else could answer and omg he heard me bc he was all like DID I HEAR 2PM? I CANT HEAR YOU? SAY IT AGAIN! OHP DID I HEAR MEEEEE? ME?? (At least I would like to think that he heard me!!) Like no ew stfu 😭😭💔
The crowd was really loud for SISTAR, 2PM, INFINITE AND SHINEE. OMG the crowd for infinite and shinee was crazy, I was pretty done after 2PM so I couldn’t jam to shinee. I was in awe, I was dysfunctional. I left after SHINee and that’s how I saw 2PM!!! (Basically I walked out and the gate wasn’t to crowded but all the spots in the front were taken. But because of fate or god or luck, this GIRL LEft LIKE WHY THE FUCK OH MY GOD. But I was like, haha ok bitch bye, at the time). OMG so younghwa was so cute during the concert, his English lol. (Forgive me for jumping between before, during and after) He asked the crowd to chant part of love love love and I’m crazy. It was so funny bc I was like wat. I’m pretty sure everyone else was like that bc no one chanted until a little after. My second fave performance was def CNBlue. The fanboys I met were so hilarious. When I saw girls day before the concert, they were climbing the fence and was screaming I love you and was chanting that they were major fanboys. The fact that they were flailing and giggling bc Sojin made a heart was to die for. One guy was screaming hella loud and his friend was like TURN IT DOWN BRO. And the guy was all like, TURN DOWN?? TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! TURN IT UP UP UP! My mastermind planned to throw my phone for an idol to pick it up, but I was like nah, I don’t wanna lose my phone. (I kept seeing bora go to the portal potties. Lol, random but troo) I saw CNBlue, girls day, and sistar from behind the gates, and they waved like good citizens. Woop woop.
The crowd was screaming when baek jiyoung was grinding on taec. OMG the ending was so cute, idk it just was. My man was wearing hot pink it was fabulously terrible but I love it at the same time LOL. HIS VOICE IS JUST SO DEEP LET ME BATHE IN IT JUSEYO.
2PM interacted with the crowd so well. (Infinite, sistar attempted at English while CNBlue was good at fanservice and trying to get the crowd involved which was an A+. 2PM had the whole crowd stand up and everyone was hella jammin omg. I. SHIT. U. NOT! Everyone!!! So fun. I started crying when they performed LMAO. My sister isn’t gonna let me forget that, she even posted a pic on IG and fb. That bitch. JUNHO DID THE FLIP FOR 10/10. TAEC GRABBED SOME ASS LMAO. So greasy. OMG. Everyone that had a fan stick light had it on for 2PM, infinite and shinee, and sistar. Lol. Basically the popular kpop groups. It was so pretty. 2PM didn’t perform ADTOY but that’s ok bc I would’ve died. 2PM all spoke in English. I was 100% done when they bid their farewells. The signature “ITS 2PM” just moved me so much. They sound so much like a family rather than just a boy band saying bye. It’s a genuine kind of greeting.
I’m so freaking content with the Saturday I had. TAECYEON was the MC. Like that’s my baby! And I saw 2PM up close.

As for non kpop related things, I celebrate my baby cousin’s birthday, that little rascal. We had cake but she only ate cream which was weird. But it was from Paris baguette so It was DELICIOUS. Not sweet to the point I needed milk. Even though milk is just good with any type of pastry.
I visited my uncle who just recently passed 7 weeks ago. Nothing much I really wanna say or else I’ll end up crying. :| I’m just happy to see him while it was sunny, BUT COLD AND WINDY. I basically had no sleep this weekend. But it was so fucking worth it.

(Blame my blurry ass iPhone quality)

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